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Do You have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Ten Recommendations

Situation: The Company wants to be prepared in case of emergencies including water, fire, earthquake, and the possibility that owners or employees may have difficulty communicating or traveling to their offices for an extended period. What have others done to create an emergency response plan?

Advice of the CEOs:

  • One company developed a disaster recovery plan, including:
    • A communication plan.
    • Employees taking notebook computers home in the evening.
    • Data back-up and server restoration capabilities.

The plan was relatively easy to build and is summarized in a 4-page document in the possession of each employee.

  • What have others done to address emergency preparedness?
    • Daily systems back-ups.
    • If you use a web-based CRM, check whether they have a disaster recovery program.
    • Assuring that there are sufficient cash reserves to manage through 30 days with no invoicing or collections.
  • Drafting a full emergency plan is essential. Start simply:
    • Look at the obvious risks in your location.
    • For each that you identify, develop a back up or contingency strategy and put it in place.
    • Let the list of contingencies grow over time as you recognize more risks.
    • Start this exercise NOW.
  • Once you have a plan, drill the plan. Make sure that employees know what to do in a variety of emergencies so that they are prepared.
    • This can build the confidence that your employees will be able to handle emergencies.

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