WOW – Great Press! Now what do we do? Five Follow-ups

Situation: We just issued a press release that generated great media coverage. This resulted in increased call traffic and “hits” to our web site. How can we to leverage this response into sales?

Advice from the CEOs:

  • Everything starts with a Marketing Plan. Without a plan, there may be little that you can do right now. The most important benefit is that you’ve established a presence in your market that may make it easier to gain coverage from future press releases.
    • What can you do short-term? Try to use reverse DNS to look up the email addresses of those who recently viewed your site. These will enable you to send email materials to capitalize on interest once you have a plan.
  • Develop a holistic marketing plan, including incentives for prospective customers to respond to your product or service offering.
    • When your marketing plan is in place, send out a series of timed press releases to develop and maintain interest in your technology.
    • Feature your offering and incentives both on your web site and in non-web collateral for prospects and leads.
    • When interested customers respond by visiting your web site or calling, use the incentives to convert this interest into sales.
    • Put different response codes on web, snail mail and other collateral so that you can track the source of leads. This will tell you which channels generate the most and highest quality leads and will improve future planning, budgeting and allocation of resources.

Key Words: Press Release, Lead Management, Lead Conversion, Lead Tracking, Marketing Plan 

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