2 thoughts on “How Do You Boost Revenue Consistency? Six Issues

  1. Antonio R.

    If you do not understand why and how your 10 clients buy (that keep your company alive due to repeated business)…you don´t move forward to avoid revenue volatility. That’s the key issue that can boost dramatically your revenues.
    The account managers that handle those accounts, are the major actors that can debug the process and teach the remaining account managers. Somehow you have a wide set of 290 clients that are not handle the same way.
    You do not need 300 clients, what you must achieve is at least 20 or 30 of a similar caliber. Find out their behavior patterns.
    The majority of your account managers loose a lot of time with clients that…bring no results.You may not need the number of account managers you have now. You need a change on their behavior too.
    Knowing how to sell is a core competence that makes the difference. A competent Business Development Manager plays a major role too.

    Best wishes,
    Antonio R.

  2. Sandy Post author

    Thanks, Antonio.
    In this case, the company needs more than the smaller number that you suggest because the services that they offer are not frequently needed. On the other hand, if they can develop a suite of services that involve them more frequently with individual customers, I agree that they may be about to smooth their revenue stream by providing ongoing services to 20-30 companies, and infrequent services to a broader number of companies.
    Thanks for your comment!

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