What Three Qualities Characterize the Company of the Future?

Interview with Philippe Courtot, CEO, Qualys

Situation: Few economists predict a robust recovery. We know from past recessions that in a slow recovery some companies will fail while others rise to the top. What are the three qualities of the companies that will thrive and become the companies of the future?

Advice from Philippe Courtot:

  • Companies of the future will have three qualities. The first is a keen sense of who your customers are – what characterizes them and their buying and use decisions. You need to see yourself through their eyes. This will give you the ability to shift more easily as their needs shift. Making this shift is easier for a service company than for a manufacturing company because the infrastructure of a service company is more flexible.
  • Second is an intense focus on operational excellence. Everything is measured with the objective of obtaining the highest levels of productivity as well as the opportunity for ongoing learning and improvement. The companies of the future will have superior systems for gathering and tracking performance data, as well as cultures which allow them to learn from what they track.
  • Third is a culture of continuous innovation. The company of the future will be the company disrupting itself. Germany provides a wonderful example because of its culture of excellence in small, family owned companies. You may be surprised to learn that it is these small companies who are the true drivers of German innovation, not the big companies like Daimler or BMW. The small companies follow the three rules outlined here. Their success has been aided by the emphasis in German education on math and engineering which means that there is an ongoing supply of domestic talent to feed these jobs.

You can contact Philippe Courtot at pcourtot@qualys.com

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2 thoughts on “What Three Qualities Characterize the Company of the Future?

  1. Larry Heathcote

    To summarize Philippe’s comments, companies of the future will be “analytics-driven”. Mining the data and information contained throughout the company through data warehousing and analytics provide the necessary insights to 1) KNOW your customers, 2) KNOW your operational excellence and gaps, and 3) to determine where your company can innovate to gain competitive advantage. When the economy is strong, many companies are profitable. In this multi-bubble economy (real estate, stocks, consumer spending, private equity, dollar, gov’t spending), the only direction ahead of us is a bursting of the bubbles (several are under way right now). Being able to survive and thrive in this new world REQUIRES that you KNOW your business better than ever before. Know your customers, your markets, your marketing and marketing results, your supply chain, your products and services, your sales results, etc. That kind of insight can only come from gathering and analyzing trusted information. to visualize trends, scorecards, dashboards and predictive models that provide ‘actionable’ insights. The time is NOW to become analytics-driven…if you don’t, you may not survive the next several years.

  2. Sandy Post author

    Great points, Larry. The road looks rocky ahead, likely for some time to come. Only those who follow the guidelines that Philippe outlined, augmented by the additional focus that you provide, will thrive. Thanks for adding your insights.

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