Where Can I Find a Good Salesperson? Five Suggestions

Situation: The Company wants to expand its sales force by adding “diamonds in the rough” – hungry individuals motivated by a high commission/low salary opportunity with high total compensation potential. How can they find these individuals?

Advice from the CEOs:

  • Hire “out of school” and use a good sales assessment tool to evaluate which candidates have the right attitude and skill set to succeed. Create a career path through a lower paid inside sales position to eventual higher paid outside sales position while the individual gets up to speed understanding your technology and as they develop sales skills. This helps to generate revenue to cover costs while developing new sales candidates.
  • Accept that you will likely experience turnover hiring candidates out of school. High commission sales forces in other industries deal with 85% turnover over 3 years to find “keepers.” This may be a significantly higher level of turn-over than you are used to in other positions.
  • Look to sales job fairs and Craig’s List for candidates.
  • Give your current sales people a bonus for referring friends or acquaintances who will stay with you for 6 or 12 months. Pay out theses bonuses over times.
  • Find a good sales recruiter to find experienced high-producers in industries with a similar product sale.
    • The appeal to these individuals is a high earnings opportunity combined with the chance to sell a sexy product.
    • Because these people will already be high earners, you may have to create a draw system so that they do not have to make too great an earnings sacrifice by switching to your Company.

Key Words: Sales, Hiring, Training, Commissions, Referrals, Bonuses 

2 thoughts on “Where Can I Find a Good Salesperson? Five Suggestions

  1. Leandro

    I believe that young professional take more riscks and will accept the challenge.

    Naturally with the age, there are family and carreer ant they are a barrier to riscks. Of course that might be a professional profile risck taker that could be interested and it could not be related with an age.

  2. Sandy Post author

    Thanks, Leandro. The CEOs agreed with you in their primary recommendation.
    They felt that well-trained, younger individuals who are interested in sales are both more risk-tolerant and easier to train in the systems of the company than more seasoned sales professionals. Interestingly, this is also the approach taken by many of the Fortune 1000 companies in the US.

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